eCharta – an eBay or Amazon alternative auction platform

Could eCharta become a viable eBay or Amazon alternative?

logo-new-FINAL-780Various online auction platforms are appearing from time to time trying to imitate other larger and established ones. The thing is that it is impossible to imitate eBay for example. How could you? How could you show up and have millions of products visited by millions of users? How is it possible to employ thousands of workers and be known in all countries of the world? Simply, it isn’t possible!

Therefore the approach should be different. You don’t need to compete with established auction platforms saying and proclaiming that you’re better because you have zero fees! Do you offer ALL their traffic AND their services for FREE? Of course not. And if you do how long can you afford it?

Recently I discovered a new auction platform, which it is really the same … but different. You can sell things that are only made of paper! The point is that this site does not advertise “free this” or “free that”! Of course it is much cheaper than the competition, but it doesn’t focus there. This site looks that was built from the ground up by professional programmers and designers. It has a very easy process to sell an item. It looks secure with high security standards. It offers different style of auctions such as BuyOut or Bid auction. eCharta has what you need.

You can create your own free Shop with your own custom categories and color it as you like. It has many Help pages but also its customer support it’s really fast and responsive. They are small

and flexible. They hear what you have to say. And above all they have a “mission statement” above and beyond “we’re cheaper than others.” That’s what I like about these guys!

I believe that eCharta honestly could become a viable eBay, Amazon or Etsy alternative! Well yes! Just for paper items. It has only been up Homepage_eChartaand running as a Beta since mid-September. It officially started on 24th of March. There are already close to 17,000 items listed for sale in its 18 categories. Quite impressive, huh?

Many people claim they wish there were “real alternatives” to huge auction platforms like eBay; more “human” more family business. But they don’t have to expect “other people” to make the changes happen. Who is this “other people”? It’s US! WE have to participate. That’s how changes happen. Change happens because people get involved in making change happen.

I do participate. I put some items out for sale that you can see them on my Shop. Some of them have already sold. That was really great and a big surprise on new sites like this.

Recycle your paper items!

An idea beyond sell and buy

The “only paper” idea sounds really smart to me.
Even if most of the items listed on eCharta right now are paper collectibles such as stamps, comics, old prints and postcards, you can list any paper that you can think of: paper crafts, office supplies, tickets of a football game, cardboard to pack your stuff for moving, paper furniture  etc.
Everyone knows that recycling paper conserves natural resources, saves a lot of energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. On eCharta you can “recycle” your paper. You can buy a paperback, read it and sell it back on eCharta! You can buy another one and do the same cycle once again. Don’t just through away a paper item. You sell it to someone that he could use it.


I like eCharta and the people who started it. I like their concept and I think eCharta is potentially very promising if not a revolutionary auction online platform. I like the way they’ve implemented it. It’s simple and great.

Another eCharta member said: “Be PART of a movement to create a genuine eBay alternative!”

I totally agree and I believe it deserves a try.

You can visit my eCharta Shop: Primarolia Collectibles



PS: This is a post I first published on Squidoo. They UN-published it without a reason. I thank them very much because that was the initiative for this blog.

Squidoo Censorship stories

Just thought I ‘d let you know how much I’ve been disappointed so many times from Squidoo experience.

I published some lenses on Squidoo and I’m at level 45. Not a master but not bad at all.You can check them out HERE.

Last Monday I published a new one about a new eBay alternative, named eCharta. I’ve shared my lens through Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, LinkedIn ect. It had 50 visits in the first day.

After TWO days they send me a notification that my lens has been unpublished from public view!!! All of sudden they say: “Since your lens is being unpublished for having large amounts of duplicate content, or for plagiarizing, and since both are against our Terms of Service, your lens will remain locked from view and eventually deleted.” But my lens was an original article of mine and I didn’t see where I was plagiarizing. Could you? I sent them 4 emails for a revision of the post and asking explanations. I never had an answer! Nothing! They just unpublished it AFTER TWO DAYS! Why they don’t check your lens BEFORE publishing it? Who’s responsible for that? An unbelievable censorship behavior! So, this is another important reason to start a blog of my own.

I googled my problem and – what a surprise! – some other stories same as mine came on my screen!

  • All My Articles Locked – Bye Bye Squidoo! ( This fellow explains: “For some odd reason, Squidoo did the unthinkable to me. I logged in two days before, and everything was fine. Then, after about 5 hours, I logged in again, and suddenly all my lenses were locked. I checked my e-mail and there was no warning. They just blocked all my lenses at once. Seriously, out of all the 58 lenses, was there not a single lens that deserved to last? I smell something fishy here. After all, same thing has happened to a lot of people within the last few months.”
  • This guy here (wrote a whole poem about it! It’s a masterpiece: It’s just no fun any more, Squidoo really let us all know the score
    When they locked our lenses with automatic scripts
    And trashed years of writing – it’s really the pits.                                                                                                                                         I used to enjoy looking at my stats
    But lately I’m a real scaredy-cat
    Because I don’t know just what I will see
    Will they have locked my lenses finally.                                                                                                                                                        It I update a lens will it end up flagged
    Costing me hours to fix it – that’s really sad
    Because they never tell you exactly what’s wrong
    Except that something is, and it doesn’t belong.
  • This lady describes her experience from start pointing out: “Later on, a stern email pinged in from SquidHQ. My lens had been blocked, found guilty of plagiarism, using material otherwise available on the web,and would be banned forevermore. I was pretty stunned. I know for an absolute certainty, that what I wrote came straight out of my own head and from nowhere else, though what it actually said, I have no way of checking, as it’s gone. Swallowed by the squid! Perhaps it was that I quoted the actual poem, but it is long out of copyright? It can’t be that I linked to the Waterboys album, as this is what Squidoo want you to do.” Check the whole article HERE. IT is VERY interesting!

And goes on and on. Giant+Squid3These people they let you waste your time and then they block your stuff. Without a reason!

Friends, I prefer writing in this Blog! No more to say. Period.