Why This Blog?

Hello dear fellows.

I decided to create my own blog because I have been getting some questions and I have some opinions about collectibles and websites and I really wanted to share my stories, how I got started selling on-line and what I have learned. By no means am I a professional or claiming to be. I am still learning! But also this decision was taken because of the “censorship” I experienced for some of my writings in other blogs or websites! Many of them wouldn’t “sponsor” my topics and they just unpublished them! Nice huh?

From the other hand…

SM_icons_display - CopySharing information makes the Internet a better place. The Internet became the largest repository of information and electronic media that ever created, and one that’s an open playing field. Literally anybody can get a website started and donate what they know to the world. Besides the technical web knowledge I’m going to get, I can also practice writing great copy, learn how to deal with difficult people, train myself to focus on the long-term, and improve my time management skills. I’m also likely to learn more about the very subjects I considered myself an expert on, by reading other blogs or searching through the net – or even through comments from you on this blog, pointing out mistakes I’ve made!

So you’re very welcome to read, comment or indicate sources, tips or any useful info on any topic I post.

Thank you