Our photographs

Me and my wife we love photography. We love to shoot anything with any camera we’re holding at that moment. We know that moments are unique. We live them once in our life time. No moment is repeated. That’s it. Once. You have it or you lose it forever. So, we agreed always have our camera with us without lugging our whole photo bag or a tripod around like a tourist in our own town; just have our camera body and one lens handy.


This is Mercer street NYC just few hours before Sandy hit!
On the street was just me and my wife! Sunday morning is quite unusual 🙂

We took some pictures in the day Sandy hurricane was approaching NYC. It sucks walking in the street and seeing something awesome and not having my camera with me to capture that perfect slice of time!But I had it at this particular moment. And you can see Mercer street empty just a few hours before Sandy hits.

This is a street photography and I believe street photography is all about photographer’s vision for the streets and people’s lives. Satoki Nagata the photographer from Chicago said: “There is no debate between candid or posed. Portrait or not. Not about “decisive moment”, wide lens or not, not about DSLR or rangefinder, hipshot or not, prefocus or not. These debates are meaningless “details” and useless to make better images. Related with other genre, street photography is the one with no constraint.” But there is just one question to be answered; what the photographer’s vision to the world is. Because the street IS our world we’re living in. If the photographer has no vision, image becomes nothing more than snap shot.


I took this photo some time ago in West Village fire station. It’s just an iPhone shot! Nothing special. But I loved the color!

My wife was born in Greece and we return often there. Greece is a magic place to shoot! Sometimes I think that I have to shoot every second that passes by. It is amazing place to discover your vision. Your real photographic talent and a way to approach humans in every day life. The Greek islands are very famous and unique. Many photographers want to go there and shoot the hell out of them. There are just …right. We were in Santorini couple of years ago and we took over 3000 shots. We just kept the good ones. They were about 2987! It is amazing that you can’t erase a thing. But as “photographers” that we beleive that we are unique individuals we see the world differently than anyone else (well, everyone with a camera in hand has to beleive that) we selected about 250. After each shoot me and my wife, Maria, come back and look at our images and talk about what we could have done better and what worked.  It’s exciting and inspirational not to mention fun! The Santorini experience was the most difficult one.


The famous Santorini sunset. We couldn’t miss that. This is a shot selected among 119 others.

I don’t do it for money …yet. It started as a self-expression. And still is. I recently shared an auction platform, eCharta, that you can sell paper items ONLY! I now have a Store with paper collectables. I’m going to upload my picture too. Soon. In this blog I decided to post our every day shooting experiences and I see how it goes. I’d love to hear your comments and your suggestions.