Back in Greece for summertime!

Everybody knows when he plans to travel in Greece that is an amazing mix of ancient historical sites and modern conveniences and activities. While in Greece, you can explore ruins dating back thousands of years, stay in a sleek, ultra-modern hotel, or in a traditional one and spend your days on the beach enjoying the sun, surf and …taking pictures.

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But besides that you can enjoy meals prepared the way Greeks have been for hundreds of years made from local products, and dance the night away in any of the numerous bars and clubs.

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So we did so! Yesterday we visited a nice seaside cafe-bar-restaurant in Western Peloponnese close to Patras, named “Coralli” on Niforeika beach. We started drinking iced-coffee and we ended drinking beers and any liqueur around! Great place, great time, great sea, great Greece.

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DON’T FORGET to take your camera along to capture moments you’ll want to remember always as a souvenir of your trip to Greece. We will stay until the end of August. So I share many unique photos I take.

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Stay in touch and enjoy…

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