Paper strawberries!

This is another of my Squidoo posts that has been banned! I guess these guys hate strawberries!!!

The Fragaria × ananassa, commonly known as strawberry in addition to being consumed fresh, can be frozen, made into preserves, as well as dried and used in prepared foods, such as cereal bars. You can plant it yourself in your garden and you can eat all the fruit by yourself!


But I thought to approach the subject from another angle. To find our favorite fruit on …paper! So searching around, I found that the material is … a lot! The small Strawberry is imprinted in all kinds of paper! On stamps, on postcards, in books and posters, and many other paper prints or crafts! Amazing! Isn’t it?

Some paper items on eCharta:

An antique print of Perrin Ltd of 1914 of the strawberry plant

One of my postcards of Strawberry Cactus (!)

An antique print of 1886 of an agriculture strawberry picking scene in July

Enjoy some with cream in Wimbledon…


Squidoo Censorship stories

Just thought I ‘d let you know how much I’ve been disappointed so many times from Squidoo experience.

I published some lenses on Squidoo and I’m at level 45. Not a master but not bad at all.You can check them out HERE.

Last Monday I published a new one about a new eBay alternative, named eCharta. I’ve shared my lens through Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, LinkedIn ect. It had 50 visits in the first day.

After TWO days they send me a notification that my lens has been unpublished from public view!!! All of sudden they say: “Since your lens is being unpublished for having large amounts of duplicate content, or for plagiarizing, and since both are against our Terms of Service, your lens will remain locked from view and eventually deleted.” But my lens was an original article of mine and I didn’t see where I was plagiarizing. Could you? I sent them 4 emails for a revision of the post and asking explanations. I never had an answer! Nothing! They just unpublished it AFTER TWO DAYS! Why they don’t check your lens BEFORE publishing it? Who’s responsible for that? An unbelievable censorship behavior! So, this is another important reason to start a blog of my own.

I googled my problem and – what a surprise! – some other stories same as mine came on my screen!

  • All My Articles Locked – Bye Bye Squidoo! ( This fellow explains: “For some odd reason, Squidoo did the unthinkable to me. I logged in two days before, and everything was fine. Then, after about 5 hours, I logged in again, and suddenly all my lenses were locked. I checked my e-mail and there was no warning. They just blocked all my lenses at once. Seriously, out of all the 58 lenses, was there not a single lens that deserved to last? I smell something fishy here. After all, same thing has happened to a lot of people within the last few months.”
  • This guy here (wrote a whole poem about it! It’s a masterpiece: It’s just no fun any more, Squidoo really let us all know the score
    When they locked our lenses with automatic scripts
    And trashed years of writing – it’s really the pits.                                                                                                                                         I used to enjoy looking at my stats
    But lately I’m a real scaredy-cat
    Because I don’t know just what I will see
    Will they have locked my lenses finally.                                                                                                                                                        It I update a lens will it end up flagged
    Costing me hours to fix it – that’s really sad
    Because they never tell you exactly what’s wrong
    Except that something is, and it doesn’t belong.
  • This lady describes her experience from start pointing out: “Later on, a stern email pinged in from SquidHQ. My lens had been blocked, found guilty of plagiarism, using material otherwise available on the web,and would be banned forevermore. I was pretty stunned. I know for an absolute certainty, that what I wrote came straight out of my own head and from nowhere else, though what it actually said, I have no way of checking, as it’s gone. Swallowed by the squid! Perhaps it was that I quoted the actual poem, but it is long out of copyright? It can’t be that I linked to the Waterboys album, as this is what Squidoo want you to do.” Check the whole article HERE. IT is VERY interesting!

And goes on and on. Giant+Squid3These people they let you waste your time and then they block your stuff. Without a reason!

Friends, I prefer writing in this Blog! No more to say. Period.