Paper strawberries!

This is another of my Squidoo posts that has been banned! I guess these guys hate strawberries!!!

The Fragaria × ananassa, commonly known as strawberry in addition to being consumed fresh, can be frozen, made into preserves, as well as dried and used in prepared foods, such as cereal bars. You can plant it yourself in your garden and you can eat all the fruit by yourself!


But I thought to approach the subject from another angle. To find our favorite fruit on …paper! So searching around, I found that the material is … a lot! The small Strawberry is imprinted in all kinds of paper! On stamps, on postcards, in books and posters, and many other paper prints or crafts! Amazing! Isn’t it?

Some paper items on eCharta:

An antique print of Perrin Ltd of 1914 of the strawberry plant

One of my postcards of Strawberry Cactus (!)

An antique print of 1886 of an agriculture strawberry picking scene in July

Enjoy some with cream in Wimbledon…